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Juxtapositions for U.S.
Baghdad, IRQ
Juxtapositions for U.S.:

Historic (2004-11-01 to 2010-02-16)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Iraq 1869470 4849770.1
2 Iraqi 745925 2487321.0
3 Afghanistan 647689 2073454.2
4 Baghdad, IRQ 469185 1593948.0
5 Iran 449993 1344753.2
6 Bush 576006 1226526.6
7 Al-Qaida 308931 1167238.3
8 China 429020 1108366.5
9 Barack Obama 380800 1003838.2
10 Canada 373359 959236.5
11 United States 478382 938868.5
12 Mexico 268400 841346.1
13 Pakistan 251926 837279.0
14 Canadian 262818 832318.5
15 Europe 260040 798551.8
365 days (2009-02-16 to 2010-02-16)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Afghanistan 272266 929442.9
2 Iraq 247447 810637.9
3 Barack Obama 246380 580858.9
4 China 128855 408150.8
5 Iran 121492 393659.0
6 Iraqi 84051 350943.7
7 Pakistan 92083 332350.4
8 Taliban 85218 331718.0
9 Al-Qaida 73645 323732.7
10 NATO 65459 302948.5
11 Mexico 80711 273954.9
12 Canada 100051 273878.2
13 Russia 67274 252445.4
14 Washington, DC 91640 248438.1
15 flu 79585 247778.5
30 days (2010-01-17 to 2010-02-16)
Rank Entity Name Count Score Coref./Ref.
1 Afghanistan 7960 37769.8
2 Haiti 8260 30478.4
3 Iraq 5870 27277.5
4 Toyota 5530 25532.1
5 Japan 4170 23460.8
6 China 4830 22295.6
7 United States 4600 20399.2
8 Taliban 3750 20218.5
9 Pakistan 3750 19958.4
10 Iran 3520 17447.3
11 Barack Obama 4390 17101.2
12 Europe 2630 16596.6
13 NATO 2640 16349.7
14 Al-Qaida 2800 15781.2
15 AP 3380 14576.1
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Reference Share by Type News vs. Business vs. Entertainment vs. Sports vs. Other
Sentiment Analysis for U.S.:

Polarity Ranks vs. Subjectivity Ranks
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Where is U.S. HOT?:

Relational Network:

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